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Saga of the Sleep Deprived

December 30th, 2009 at 02:21 am

Sleep? Yeah, I remember sleep, I just don't know when I got any lately. Three Christmas parties, three days in a row, and I worked every night in between. Am I a sucker for punishment, or what? I love Christmas, it was a big fuzzy blur this year. I was just thinking that nobody in our immediate family has had any kind of flu yet this winter, lucky us! I never did get a flu shot H1N1 or regular, haven't ever had one. No that's not correct, I had a swine flu shot back in the 70's, when the first big outbreak was. I never knew anyone who got it then either. Any way, happily, it had been very quiet at work, many of the residents were gone with their families for the holidays. So, I could at least sit down for some of the shift. I don't have any trouble staying awake when I'm really tired, I'm always kind of reminding myself, get up, walk around, do something else. It's when I don't really feel tired that it sneaks up on me, I catch my head nodding, my book slips out of my hands, and whoa, on my feet, find something to do! The bane of night shift workers everywhere. I can always go down to the other end of the building to visit with the med workers, at least they keep each other company thru the night, I am by myself on my two wings. And I know that they don't mind, but sometimes I think that I might be in their way, oh well, who knows. Anyway, as soon as Hubby gets out the door tonight, I am sipping down a couple of Tylenol PM and hitting the hay. I haven't been to a single after Christmas sale, I'm too tired to shop, so maybe it's not all bad!

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