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Sunday Sunshine

September 7th, 2009 at 01:59 am

Just a few musings from the couch...worked last night, came home this AM fully intending to go to church, but at time to get ready I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open, went to sleep, sorry Lord.....having a few of Hubby's family over tomorrow, and we're going to grill, so had to get the cylinder filled, $19 this Summer, it was only $13 last year.....only 2 rows of sweet corn left to pick, it goes so fast.....saw on offer on the freecycle lately, "free: large bag of dog food, and the dog that goes with it" HaHa.....I always laugh when we pass a sign on a yard "free kittens" I wonder if that ever works?.....I took a couple of vacation days towards the middle of the month, I had more than 70 hours banked, and you can only have 80, and then they stop accruing, so I'm hoping the weather will be nice and I can do some major yard work.....I have to remember to get the cell phone bill out tomorrow, and have everybody chip in their share while they're here to eat, I need to pay it ASAP, I carry the main contract, and Hubby and the 3 girls are partners, so they pay their own portion,then we split the basic pkg cost, and everyone has a cheap phone.....the window is open, and i can hear geese flying over, they must have gotten chased out of somewhere, it's been dark for over an hour..... so me and the geese (the geese and I?) are all heading for bed, nighty night!

1 Responses to “Sunday Sunshine”

  1. lizajane Says:

    The one that always amazes me is seeing someone posting an ad for "kitten wanted". Why not just read everyone else's ads to give away kittens?

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