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Reality Can Be Too Real!

November 9th, 2009 at 02:40 pm

I was talking with one of my Best GF's last night, we've been buds since we were 10, she deserves a capital letter. The conversation came to reality shows. I don't have any that I follow faithfully, but I've managed to catch an episode or two of most of them. I find them very comforting. Strange choice of words? Not really. When my life feels bad, the house is a mess, the kids are teenage monsters, I'm thinking seriously about trading in the Hubby, just an episode or two of these train wrecks on TV, and I feel much better! No matter how bad my house looks, there are some out there whooeee... Kids are sassy and snotty, well we haven't had to call the nanny yet, and as for trading the Hubby, good grief, mostly they go from bad to worse, much worse! I can only say that I hope those people are just camping it up for TV, I'd really hate to think that they act like that in real life! And I can't watch the court TV shows anymore, mostly I just want to slap some of them silly, Oh, I forgot, they're already silly, and stupid! And willing to let the rest of America see them on TV being idiots! I want some better reality! No Bridezillas (I'm sure Webster didn't come up with that one) NO goofy islands, (lack of funds is the least of your worries) no dating rock stars, (wardrobe budget is obviously tiny) no has been/wanna bees daily grinds (don't even get me started) No wonder our lives are so terrible, look at the examples we think we're aspiring to! Even a nice, relaxing soap opera sounds good! Of course, I haven't watched one in years, the summer Marlena was possesed by the demon was the end for me. I think that I just want too much, I have plenty of reality in everyday life, I don't really want it on TV too. Where's the escapism in that?

Sunday Serendipity

September 15th, 2009 at 11:01 pm

I hope that "serendipity" is spelled correctly, no dictionaries today. Just our usual free association.....went to a local festival today, had a great time, completely forgot sunblock (ouch)..... got an unexpected bonus this week, recieved an item that I bought from ebay more than a year ago, seller disappeared right after my purchase, went thru the whole grievance process, ebay got me a refund, now 16 mos later, here it is in the mail, no note and no bill (yet anyway).....I save empty boxes for ??????, it always sounds so thrifty, and most of the time I end up throwing them away in the end..... I have a few vacation days coming up, and a LONG list of projects, hope to get a few of them done anyway..... the seasons are rolling along, it's dark when I leave for work AND when I come home now (work nights).....I have a recipe jotted on my blotter that's been there for???, I need to give it a try.....the dog needs a bath BAD, I had to wash the door that she rubs against when she lays on the rug, yuck..... I am no longer smart enough to do high school english, DD#3 has been having me check her Eng11 homework, and I think we both need homework help..... so on that depressing note... TTFN

Sunday, On the Couch Again

August 30th, 2009 at 06:26 pm

Sunday is my laid back, random thoughts session. Hmmm....I am overwhelmed with zucchini, good thing cattle like to eat them.....I have been promising myself that I would get to cleaning the sewing room for a month, I did rearrange a couple of spots, but it's staying on the list for now.....I am a big list maker, I have actually made a list of the lists that I had at one time(now that's strange).....I might have the chance to switch from night shift to day shift, I have been kind of mulling it over in my mind, no decisions yet.....It is cool here today (Michigan)makes me think of Fall.....I still have a phone # on my desk for the U-pick strawberry farm, I think that I can safely toss that now.....I am still finding stuff that belongs to DD#1, she and fiancee bought a house and she moved about 6 weeks ago, that is one of the piles in the sewing room.....I just realized that I still have a snowman cookie jar sitting on the shelf, from when I decorated for Christmas last year, maybe I'll stick a punkin on his head and ignore him until it's the proper season again.....I have been considering an indoor clothesline in the sewing room (also known as the downstairs bedroom of our old farmhouse), just a single line, the girls have alot of drip dry clothes (their purchase, not mine)and with the 8ft. cielings, there would be room..... my GF gave me a big stack of books that last time we had brunch, I have been saving them for when the outside stuff (garden, yard work) is done, but they are tempting me.....I did start knitting a hat the other night, I have to have something in my hands when we sit down to watch the local and national news in the evening, the only time I get to pick the channel, there is a group from church that makes hats/scarves/mittens for local charities..... local charities sounds so snooty, make me think of Little Orphan Annie, course, she could have used a hat.....Well, I feel much more relaxed now, better get back to the real world, the dishes are waiting.