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Blast From the Past

September 12th, 2009 at 04:57 am

Today I found myself doing something that I don't do very often anymore, writing checks! I pay most all of our bills online, but there are still a few things that you can't pay that way. Life Insurance! Every couple of years I forget this, and end up calling the company, asking why I can't set up online payments, and the secretary very kindly reminds me that we've gone thru this a time or two already. Something about anonymous parties not being able to take out a policy on you without your knowledge, or something... My property taxes! Our rural county isn't set up for this. My appliance repair buddy (dryer is definately fixed!) Local newspaper subscription, maybe they have a website, but I only pay once a year, and just haven't bothered to check and set it up. I have to say, online paying is quick and easy, but I don't get that same rush of satisfaction that I do when I write that check, stick it in the envelope, and mail it. (stamps, OUCH) It's like tangible proof, in a little pile of envelopes, that I am succeeding! I am making my way in the world, and being a contributing member of society! And sadly, my cell phone bill. (heavy sigh) I have finally given up on the beast. I just CANNOT navigate their site without freezing up my computer at least once, and lets not mention the 10 minute waits for the bill to download! And I have a very speedy DSL connection. I don't know what it is about that one site, I have never had that problem with any other. I ended up on the phone to customer service,almost every month for the last six, because I would get part way thru the payment process, and the pages would just not load, or I would get popups about technical difficulties, or only part of the bill could be viewed, etc. etc. So, 2 months ago, I went off the paperless billing, so I could actually READ the bill (I don't pay what I don't read) and then this month, I just wrote a check. It was worth the 44cents to avoid the hassle. And this is a major, national company --&-. Great sevice, crappy website. Well, I'm sure that their website is fine, my computer just won't talk to it, like neighbors who smile and give a little wave, but never have anything to say to each other. My computer is the Gladys Kravitz of the neighborhood, always peeking in the windows, but never really knowing what's going on. (that's a Bewitched ref for U youngsters) So with a twitch of my nose (or mouse)..............

2 Responses to “Blast From the Past”

  1. homebody Says:

    I pay all my bills online, even my yearly life insurance premiums from my bank bill pay. I don't understand why anyone would go to each site individually, seems like a horrendous waste of time. The bank makes out the checks and mails them for free for places who do not have auto transfer, like the life insurance, our local water company and our garbage company, along with the water company that services our rental home. Have you considered your bank bill pay? US Bank and Chase are both free (we have accounts at both banks).

  2. girltherapy Says:

    Small town, small town banks. One of our three banks does offer this service, but not on the no-fee, cheapo checking, only on the money market checking combo. I don't use the auto bill pay, that costs 4.99 a month, I just go to the websites and pay with my debit card. I don't want a lot of money sitting in my checking, I just put enough in to cover the bills that I pay each week. Then Hubby and I have our spending money in cash, and the rest goes into one of three savings accts, all geared for different purposes.

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