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Sunday Serendipity

September 15th, 2009 at 11:01 pm

I hope that "serendipity" is spelled correctly, no dictionaries today. Just our usual free association.....went to a local festival today, had a great time, completely forgot sunblock (ouch)..... got an unexpected bonus this week, recieved an item that I bought from ebay more than a year ago, seller disappeared right after my purchase, went thru the whole grievance process, ebay got me a refund, now 16 mos later, here it is in the mail, no note and no bill (yet anyway).....I save empty boxes for ??????, it always sounds so thrifty, and most of the time I end up throwing them away in the end..... I have a few vacation days coming up, and a LONG list of projects, hope to get a few of them done anyway..... the seasons are rolling along, it's dark when I leave for work AND when I come home now (work nights).....I have a recipe jotted on my blotter that's been there for???, I need to give it a try.....the dog needs a bath BAD, I had to wash the door that she rubs against when she lays on the rug, yuck..... I am no longer smart enough to do high school english, DD#3 has been having me check her Eng11 homework, and I think we both need homework help..... so on that depressing note... TTFN

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