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Free Is Free!

September 19th, 2009 at 08:12 pm

I have been getting mysterious packages in the mail the last few days, and they were all completely free. I got a $50 gift cert. to Paypal from one of my survey companies. So I ordered myself some corelle dishes to match my pattern from Ebay. I have 3 companies that I do surveys, and product testing for, one of them for more than 20 years. It's been fun over the years to see some of the things that I tried out finally come out on the market, or not. I know that this has become a big scam lately, my best advice to you is that I have never paid a single dime to any of these companies ever. If they ask you for money, delete them. (or throw away, I started these all thru mail before the web) But I just love a bargain!

2 Responses to “Free Is Free!”

  1. BuckhornGal Says:

    I'm new to surveys. Have you received offered to do data entry? I'm getting loads of them now that I've signed up for the survey thing. I'd love to hear your advice.

  2. girltherapy Says:

    I am not a data entry kind of person, so if I recieve one of those, big delete. The original one that I started with 20+ years ago was the Janet Hall Home Testing institute, that morphed into Ipsos a few years ago, now on the web. Lightspeed Panel, and Clear Voice surveys. I also get contacts from Opinion Outpost, but they are kind of a clearinghouse for other surveys, and sometimes I qualify for lots of them, sometimes I don't. I also did Homescan for awhile, you got a little code reader machine and you were supposed to scan in all the UPC codes off things that you buy, but it didn't work well for me, in our small town there are lots of places to shop that don't have/use UPC codes. I have recieved contacts from lots of others, maybe thru the ones that I do participate with, but my only thought is - I won't pay, ever, and they must be easy. I won't click thru 17 pages of offers, and if I get stupid stuff in my box everyday from one of your "partners" I will block you. I am always sceptical of stories of people who supposidly make a living just doing surveys, but I don't know any of them personally, maybe they really do.

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