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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

December 6th, 2009 at 04:57 pm

My Grandpa used to say that. I don't know if it's a line from a song or poem, or something he made up, but its kinda cute. Been gone for a while, computer was on the fritz. We had our Thankgiving meal on the Sunday after, it was a great time with all who came. I finally talked myself out of making enough food for the 6th fleet. We usually have enough leftovers that I'm begging people to take some home, and than it occured to me that I was wasting a lot of my money. That sounds kind of cheap, but we all bring dishes to pass, why should I presume that we will run out? We still had enough that we were dividing it up for everyone to take home something, and that was fine. I ended up spending a lot less than usual, hooray! Hubby and I went to a food bank Saturday morning. He started volunteering there when he was off work after his surgery, and it was nice, we had a chance to talk while we were doing our thing. We decided to give the kids a small gift for Christmas, and then some cash. Thay all buy each other a small something, so there will still be things under the tree. I used to encourage them to make each others gift when they were younger, but they are all working, and don't have as much time now. I hope that they get back to the homemade stuff later on. It was so much fun, they found the most interesting things to make for gifts. One of my favorites over the years was a deck of decorated cards. My son got this for Christmas when he was in high school, maybe ten years ago now? Anyway, his sisters all got together with a new deck of cards ,and a package of sharpie markers, and they embellished the cards! It was crazy! Some of the face cards had little bubbles above their heads, where they were making comments. The other suites turned into dancing bugs, or martini glasses, or anything that they could think of. He used to have some of his buddies over for cards, and they spent so much time looking at the cards, they couldn't concentrate on the game! It was wild! That's the kind of Christmas memories that I want them to have, cute, simple things that they did for each other, and still laugh about now. All you can do is try, and teach them to knit! They all can, even my son.

5 Responses to “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig”

  1. KellyB Says:

    I think that line is from a poem, although I couldn't tell you which one. I do remember my grandparents quoting it as well. Thanks for the memory flashback!

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    I think the line is actually a Mother Goose nursery rhyme. Something about going to the market & then going home again.

  3. KellyB Says:

    To market, to market to buy a fat pig;
    Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

    Had to look it up!!

  4. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Great that you are volunteering at the food bank!

  5. Jerry Says:

    KellyB is right... I just read that one the other night to my 4-year-old! She has a book of old nursery rhymes and loves them, which leads me to get re-acquainted with the poems of my own childhood. Nice...
    The memories about the holidays are definitely the most important thing. Like you mentioned about the food - you were able to have plenty and to spare without feeling like you were shorting the group, and it was a good time. People get too stressed out and can't even enjoy what they have sometimes, when this should be the one time of year when we have some insurance that we can be truly happy. I hope you enjoy your holiday season!

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