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Old Bank Statements

April 16th, 2010 at 12:24 pm

In this era of online banking, is there really any need to save those old bank statements? The rule used to be, save them for 7 years. If they agree with the website record, why would you need them? I can't imagine that any bank doesn't back-up their info, with the most expensive programs available, why would you presume that it would be compromised? I was packing away the statements from 2009, and tossing from 2001, when this occurred to me. Granted, the piles are getting slimmer, only a couple more years, and the ones that still included the cancelled checks will be gone. But, I could use that space for something else! Maybe my used tea bag collection.

1 Responses to “Old Bank Statements”

  1. YISave Says:

    You could always scan them on your computer. Never know when you will need them. I have had to go back and have been happy that I had them.

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