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I Got What For Mothers Day???

May 2nd, 2010 at 11:46 pm

I just stumbled across a blog that commented on the strange thing this lady got once for Mothers Day. Actually, I thought it was great! Her family rented a roto-tiller and tilled her garden for her. I would have loved that! I have received some lovely things, flowers, dinners out, but I must confess that the more unusual items were probably my favorites. This year, for example, I got exactly what I asked for, a brand new shop vac! The old one has been spewing the dirt right back out the top for over a year, so you only dared use it outside. In fact, the old shop vac was my birthday present quite a few years ago. I even went to the store with dear Hubby, and picked out what I wanted. He does listen to me sometimes! Some other requests I have made over the years... a cordless drill! When I want to make holes, I don't want to drag extension cords around! Having the dogs nails clipped! We had a dog once, an extremely hairy dog, who hated to have her nails clipped, and of course, they grew very fast! After wrestling with her for longer than I want to remember, he took her in to the vet, THREE minutes and $10 later, it was one of those smack your forehead moments! Why had I been fussing with her for so long!?!? Then there were a couple of mmmhmmm kind of presents. I got a battery charger once, so I could charge the battery on the lawnmower, the lawnmower that I had been bugging him to buy a NEW battery for all Summer....I never could figure that one out, why not a new battery instead of charging the old worn out one??? I have no idea!!! How about the present that I almost got... we went to an auction one time, and there was a box of glassware that I wanted, and bid on, and won, so we are loading up afterwards, and I'm telling him about the cute green glass swan shaped dish, how cheap it was, what a great bargain, etc. etc. so we stopped at his parents house on the way home, and what does he take out of the box and give to his Mother?! The swan dish. (dumbfounded silence here) I said nothing, my MIL was the sweetest lady in the world, but duh???? And the only real eye roller I can think of.....A pellet gun.....yup.....I looked at it in the box, and I haven't seen it since. Haven't really missed it either. I think there was a profound lack of motivation that year. The KIDS even remind him of that one once in a while, I just smile and say...nothing...I'm not completely silly, a little guilt can be a valuable thing sometimes.

3 Responses to “I Got What For Mothers Day???”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I just got BB's MIL a string of pearls. Not the really expensive kind...the ones that are spaced out on the chain. I think she'll like it.

  2. LittleMsMom Says:

    This year I am hoping for a Red Swingline Stapler and the Jeff Dunham Show DVD, BUT I know DS is too young to buy anything himself and in the 6 years of being a mother STBX hasn't figured out that since he is the father of the child that made me a mother HE should be the one helping him buy or make me a gift.

    Oh well I would buy it myself BUT it is not a NEED so I added it to my WANT list and someday I might actually buy something for myself off my want list.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Heh! You're entry reminded me of one of the books I read for my childrens lit class. KNUCKLEHEAD by Jon Scieza (sp?). One of the chapters talks about how Jon and his 5 brothers would buy their mom great "practical" gifts ... like a new nerf football, or a set of water guns ... etc. Smile

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